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  The ultra compact  NANOCAB ™ is the smallest 1x12 with the biggest sound...meer


The ultra compact NANOCAB™ is the smallest 1x12 with the biggest sound available today. It is simply the absolute reference for compact cabs and has no real competitors. Because of its bass reflex the NANOCAB™‘s sound is surprisingly big, with a never expected  low-end. The NANOCAB™ can assert itself in the context of the band, and - thanks to its compactness - can be easily transported by plane, train or motorcycle. bluguitar_product-nanocab-front-cropped
 bluguitar_product-nanocab-back-cropped A port on the back of the cabinet can be opened or closed with a few simple steps. With the port open, the NANOCAB™ creates noticeably more bass for airy clean and crunch sounds. Closed, the NANOCAB™ delivers just the right punch for rock. Even at low volumes the sound is balanced and rich, making the NANOCAB™ the ideal cabinet for the living room.
Type : 1x12“ closed back Power : 60 watts Impedance : 8 Ohm...meer
Type: 1x12“ closed back
Power: 60 watts
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Speaker: 1x12“ BG12-C
Housing: birch multiplex, extremely stiffened
Tolex: Black levant
Front grille: black Basket Weave
Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: 350 mm x 350 mm x 275 mm
Connections: 1x Mono In, 1x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out (6.3mm jack)
Special Features: Double bass reflex channel, removable closed-back/open-back cover plate, incl. dust cover
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