Ian Crichton

Saga, Asia

Ian Crichton is the guitarist of the Canadian progressive-pop-rock-band Saga. He is the younger brother of Jim Crichton, who plays bass in Saga. Ian was inspired by Queen and Jeff Beck. His unique style combines melodic lines with furious speedy runs that “ fly” over complex progressive soundscapes.

Another trademark of Saga are those virtuous dialogues with synth and keys.

Besides the guitar he also masters the bass. Ian Crichton is married to his wife Joy and es has 3 children together with her. Besides the albums withheld Saga he produced two solo albums. From 1997 to 1999 he was guitarist with Asia.

Ian tours the world with the AMP1 since 2016. His favorite channel is Classic - with and without boost. He pairs Clean with a Chorus pedal and occasionally uses Modern when he is in the mood for “more”.

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