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The compact 1x12  FATCAB™  comes surprisingly close to mimicking the sound...meer
The compact 1x12 FATCAB™ comes surprisingly close to mimicking the sound characteristics of old 4x12 cabs. Small and medium sized stages are where FATCAB™ really shines. With only one speaker, its optimum working range is reached much faster, making the sound very lively and smooth. The Thiele bass reflex system and the extreme rigidity of the cabinet produce a well defined and dynamic bass response with a massive low-end even at low volumes - just like you would normally expect from a large 4x12". bluguitar_product-fatcab-front-cropped
bluguitar_product-fatcab-back-cropped The cab's dimensions also serve up an extra portion of lower mids. Even at high volumes, the speaker remains balanced and does not tend to boom. The BluGuitar® BG12-F speaker with an extra-fat magnet stays controlled at all times and delivers a harmonious midrange and soft highs, which are made even silkier by the filter effect of the front cover with the thick Basket Weave.
Type : 1x12“ closed back Power : 60 watts Impedance : 8 Ohm...meer
Type: 1x12“ closed back
Power: 60 watts
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Speaker: 1x12“ BG12-F
Housing: birch multiplex, extremely stiffened
Tolex: Black levant
Front grille: black Basket Weave
Weight: 14,5kg
Dimensions: 410 mm x 550 mm x 295 mm
Connections: 1x Mono In, 1x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out (6.3mm jack)
Special Features: Thiele small bass reflex system, incl. dust cover
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