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The  REMOTE1™  is the convenient multifunctional foot controller for the...meer
The REMOTE1™ is the convenient multifunctional foot controller for the BluGuitar® AMP1™. It provides direct access to all functions of the AMP1™ via nine switches. All of these functions can be stored in four banks with nine presets each. In addition, the MIDI OUT jack of the REMOTE1™ can be used to switch the programs of external MIDI-compatible effect devices to match the presets. 
In addition to direct access to all functions of the AMP1™, the REMOTE1™ extends the functions of the AMP1™ in the so-called "Direct Access Mode" by a second controllable master volume and a controllable and switchable PowerSoak. Furthermore, the gain for all 4 channels can be stored separately for each preset.
The connection between REMOTE1™ and AMP1™ is done with a standard jack cable (guitar cable or speaker cable) - including power supply!
 bluguitar_product-remote1-side-cropped The REMOTE1™'s "Preset Mode" turns the AMP1™ into a programmable guitar amplifier. Every conceivable combination of foot switch settings set in "Direct Access Mode" can be stored in one of the 36 Presets in 4 banks of 9 presets each. In addition, the MIDI OUT jack sends a MIDI Program Change command to switch external MIDI effect devices for each preset. This allows you to control all AMP1™ functions with just one footstep and simultaneously switch a MIDI effects device to a desired preset. This turns the AMP1™ into a programmable guitar system with MIDI..
With the optionally available BluGuitar LOOPERKIT the REMOTE1™ becomes the control center of a professional, programmable guitar system.
Modes : Direct-Access-Mode, Preset-Mode Switching : Clean, Vintage,...meer
Modes: Direct-Access-Mode, Preset-Mode
Switching: Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern, Boost on/off, Reverb on/off, FX-Loop on/off, 2nd Master Volume on/off, Power Soak on/off, Clean Volume*, Gain*, Loops 1-4 on/off*. Alternative: 36 User-Presets
MIDI: MIDI OUT to connect external MIDI effect devices
Special Features: Connection and control possibility of the BluGuitar® LOOPER KIT
Stromversorgung: Phantom power via mono 6.3mm cable through the BluGuitar® AMP1™
Maße: 410 x 150 x 70 mm
Gewicht: 1,6 kg

*: only in Preset-Mode

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